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Prima Voce


Prima Voce is the Sunday driver of premium espresso. Full bodied, smooth, delicious, and unexpected. This blend features deep cocoa notes offset by the punchy sweetness of naturally processed coffee to create an exciting but nuanced espresso experience.



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Prima Voce It combines a cocoa-rich Central American coffee with a fruity kick of naturally processed Ethiopian Mokamba for an exceptionally smooth and subtly balanced flavor. While our Autobahn blend provides a high-quality classic espresso, Prima Voce is a more luxurious, experimental blend that pulls lush, full bodied shots for an elevated experience. Prima Voce means ‘first voice’ in Italian; it’s our tribute to the excellence of Italian espresso, and it is truly an avant-garde offering in the espresso world. While we blend Prima specifically to shine as an espresso, it’s also delicious brewed as a regular cup of coffee at home. Expect notes of red wine, tart berries, chocolatey sweetness, and a dark honey finish. 

We’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s the only espresso we use at our flagship cafe, ECR Park, and it’s definitely one of the reasons customers come back again and again.   

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Bourbon, Heirloom


Washed – Natural


1500 – 1700 MASL




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