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Electric City Roasting was founded on the principle of supplying great coffee, while making a difference. Our team goes directly to the farms from all around the world and we sample 100s of blends to find the best quality Coffee Beans for Roasting. Each one of our Coffee’s is offered in a variety of options, including Whole Bean, Ground, French Press and Drip. No matter how you brew your coffee, we are excited to offer options that work for everyone. Whether you are looking to stock up and grind your own coffee, or if you like the ease of K-Cup® Pods, all of our coffee is Roasted Fresh and Made To Order.

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    How to define Specialty Coffee?

    The Specialty Coffee Association (SCAA) defines specialty coffee as refining processes to produce the best possible coffees without any defects. Throughout the process, coffees are tested often to ensure proper handling and production of the finest coffees.

    How to pick the best Coffees?

    Every specialty coffee in Electric City Roasting’s lineup goes through rigorous testing to ensure the best possible coffee will be sent to your door every time. We work directly with farmers, and communicate with all our partners throughout the process to ensure your maximum enjoyment. Find comfort in knowing no matter what your desired roast or flavor attributes are; we spent lots of time testing until it was just the way it should be.