Meet The Team

Mary Tellie

Job Position: Mary is the Founder and CEO of Electric City Roasting Company. 

Job Description: Mary is the face of Electric City Roasting and oversees all aspects of the operation through delegation and direct involvement.

When did she found ECR?: Mary founded the company in 2003.

Why did she create the company?: Mary was unable to find a good cup of coffee in the NEPA region, and decided she was going to change that.

What is her favorite ECR coffee?: Mary enjoys all of our coffees equally.


Kyle Mervau

Job Position: Kyle is the Director of Retail Operations & Resident Coffee Nerd

Job Description: Kyle is responsible for overseeing the coffee shops and their operations for the retail division for the company

When did he start at ECR?: Kyle started working at Electric City Roasting in 2013 as a barista at our café (at the time), Zummo’s.

Why did he choose ECR?: Kyle had a friend that worked at Zummo’s, and witnessed the roasting process. From there, Kyle sprouted an interest in specialty coffee, found an opening position at the café and leaped at the opportunity. The rest is history!

What is his favorite ECR coffee?: Kyle’s favorite coffee, or rather coffees are as follows: Blue Moose™, Don Mayo Las Nubes, and Organic Awakening.


Maggie Joyce

Job Position: Maggie is the Office Manager and Bookkeeper at Electric City Roasting Company.

Job Description: Maggie oversees office operations while also managing the companies finances.

When did she start?: Maggie Started at Electric City Roasting Company in 2005.

Why did she choose ECR?: Maggie was originally the manager for Zummo’s café, and with her accounting and managerial experience, she joined the Electric City Roasting Company team and assumed the role of office manager.

What is her favorite ECR coffee?: Maggie has a loyalty to Blue Moose™ but admits that her favorite coffee is Ladha Sana.


Aaron Kovalich

Job Position: Aaron is the companies fulfillment specialist.

Job Description: Aaron is responsible for fulfilling orders (packing and shipping) from our B2B operations, as well as online orders from our website.

When did he start?: Aaron started at Electric City Roasting Company in September of 2020.

Why did he choose ECR?: Aaron choose to work at ECR after the COVID pandemic affected his career. Having experienced this, Aaron wanted to venture into a new industry that he enjoyed, Coffee. Aaron had experience working at a café in college and felt that this job would be a good fit for him.

What is his favorite ECR coffee?: Aaron’s favorite coffee is Ladha Sana and Harvest.


Andrew Christian

Job Position: Andrew is the Marketing/E-Commerce Director at Electric City Roasting.

Job Description: Andrew manages our E-Commence platform and publishes content for our social media and website.

When did he start?: Andrew started at ECR in March of 2022. Originally starting as a barista at ECR Park, Andrew assumed the role in which he currently resides in late 2022.

Why did he choose ECR?: During the pandemic, Andrew discovered a deep interest in specialty coffee and knew he wanted to work in the industry. After working in the café for a few months, he met with the CEO, Mary, and assumed the job position of Marketing and E-Commerce Director.

What is his favorite ECR coffee?: Andrew’s favorite ECR coffee is our single-origin coffee, Ti-Amo. His favorite of our year around offerings is Ladha Sana.