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Our objective is to make a difference in every cup. We care about serving you coffee that is not only great but also that makes a positive impact.

Incredible coffee starts with incredible people. At Electric City Roasting Co. our commitment to the passions of people all over the world shine through in every cup. From the farmers in coffee-growing regions to the distributors spanning the planet, right down to every young professional in the industry here at home in North Eastern Pennsylvania, ECR is the sum of the exuberant passion and tremendous efforts of these wonderful people. We’re thankful for the opportunity to work with so many talented individuals and to serve amazing people like you.

Company Timeline

Mary started Electric City Roasting in 2003 after struggling to find a good cup of coffee in her hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania. The first blend she created was Blue Moose, and a defining moment for her was when people started sharing how much they loved the coffee. This recognition is one of the best feelings for a coffee roaster, especially after putting in so much time to perfect each roast.

Mary’s career was in finance and banking as a wealth management advisor, from which she retired in 2002. While working in San Francisco, she would recall trying amazing coffee that seemed unavailable in Scranton. She wanted to bring the coffee she loved so much to the area she called home, so she learned how to roast coffee herself using a hot air gun and a funnel. At the time, coffee roasting classes were hard to come by. Mary knew that if she could showcase great coffee as it was meant to be roasted and prepared to taste, coffee lovers would go out of their way to enjoy it.

Soon after perfecting the recipe, Zummo’s Cafe was born in 2004. Mary jokes that this was perfect timing as her husband was worried that if she kept going, she might burn the house down. A mix between coffeehouse, penny candy store, and shoe cobbler all in one, Zummo’s allowed great coffee and brewing methods to stand in the spotlight and quickly became a local hangout that would thrive for many years. Today, Zummos continues as a world-class cafe offering a variety of great coffees, still using the proper brew techniques to serve Electric City Roasting Coffee.

It wasn’t until 2006 that Mary discovered the other side of the coffee supply chain. As the company continued to grow, she knew she needed to work hard and perfect her coffee palette and understand the entire process from farm to cup. After gaining this new insight, Mary began upgrading her coffee roasting equipment and techniques and in 2007, purchased the company’s first production coffee roaster.

In 2008, Mary became a licensed Q grader (at the time, being one of 514 in the world) and was a part of the international Jury for Cup of Excellence (best of) for six separate events: Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Colombia.

In 2012, Mary earned the honor of being one of the only female judges selected for the World Brewer’s Cup Competition, which took place in Vienna, Austria.

In 2016, she led a team of new coffee roasters throughout Peru as an educational/discovery trip to understand farming practices in certain regions. During this year, she was also elected as the chairperson of the Roaster Guild, now an international association for coffee roasters.

In 2018, Mary was appointed to serve on the board of the Specialty Coffee Association as Treasurer. During this time, the merger of the Specialty Coffee Association of America with the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe was set to occur. This required coordination between various teams to minimize risk and onboard several monetary policies she supported.

Today, Electric City Roasting is the premier Specialty Coffee provider in NorthEast Pennsylvania. We serve coffee in a wide range of cafes, grocery stores, and hotels, and also directly to consumers through our website, with a dedication to our mission of inspiring smiles with every cup.

Care In Every Capacity

Our passion for coffee perfection is a culmination of meticulous pursuit of amazing coffee beans and sustainable relationships with the coffee producers. Our expert cuppers and roasters carefully taste and inspect every roast to ensure the very best quality.

Farmer roasting coffee beans

Trust Through Taste

Our company is dedicated to exchanging ideas within our supply chain. We tailor our consulting and educational programs, in conjunction with our state-of-the-art facility, to supplement the needs of all of our customers from seed to cup. As a result, we are internationally recognized as a leading boutique coffee roaster in the United States.

It's All About the Bean

Electric City Roasting Company is owned and operated by people who truly care about coffee, in every capacity. Our dedication to excellence starts with sustainability, and our direct trade relationships with sustainable partner farms, which exceeds the FTO model, by increasing the percentage at which farmers and millers get paid. We can be proud that all of our sustainable partner farms have placed in the Top 10 at COE (Cup of Excellence), and our relationship with these farms has never been stronger!

Coffee Resolutions that will Up Your Coffee Game

Coffee Beans
Our founder and our farmers

Committed to Closing The Loop

We work directly with farmers, millers, and producers in coffee-producing regions of the world. As a result of this involvement, we promote sustainability and traceability with our coffees, our cafes, and our customers.

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