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Electric City Roasting® Coffee

Carefully Sourced

Our curated process helps us to find the best beans in the world. We go straight to the source, and hand select all our sustainable coffees.

Fresh Guaranteed

We take pride in offering the best specialty coffees on the market. All of our coffees are roasted so you receive the beans at peak freshness.

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Our team is proud to offer quick shipping options. All in stock orders before 1:00pm ET are packed and shipped the same business day.

ECR’s Coffee Passion

In 2003 a coffee company was founded in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The company,​​ Electric City Roasting Co, was created on the principles of supplying great coffee direct to consumers and local and regional cafes, and has since expanded to partner with some of the area’s finest grocery stores and offices. Our team travels across the globe to source amazing coffee to find the best quality coffee beans that meet our strict standards of taste and quality. Each one of our coffees is offered in a variety of options, including Whole Bean, Ground, French Press and Drip. No matter how you brew your coffee, we are excited to offer options that work for everyone. Whether you are looking to stock up and grind your own coffee, or if you like the ease of K-Cup® Pods, all of our coffee is roasted fresh and made to order.

The Electric City - Scranton, PA

What is Specialty Coffee?

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) defines specialty coffee as refining processes to produce the best possible coffees without any defects. Throughout the process, coffees are tested often to ensure proper handling without defects. Specialty coffee is coffee with a quality score of 80+ points based (on a 100 point scale). The quality scale ranges from “very good” to “outstanding” coffees by a Certified Q grader and generally account for less than 7% of the world’s supply of coffee.

How to pick the best Coffees?

Every specialty coffee in Electric City Roasting’s lineup goes through rigorous cupping and tastings to ensure the best possible cup of coffee will be sent to your door every time. We work directly with farmers, along with all our partners throughout the supply chain to ensure your maximum enjoyment and ease of selecting the best for the bean to meet your taste. We use the SCA standard cupping bench marks along with our trusted custom tasting rubric we’ve been using for over 2 decades. We taste every coffee along this journey for you so you can trust we have the right coffee to fit every brewing method, and taste profile you are looking for.

What countries does Coffee come from?

Our coffees come from all around the world to capture the enormous variety of fragrance, aroma, body and overall flavors that makes specialty coffee… special! Our Single Origin lineup, is curated so you can fully immerse yourself in specific countries, regions, varieties, processing and terroir. Some of the unique attributes associated with these coffees include direct relationships in Costs Rica, El Salvador, along with special importing relationships with Brazil and Peru and Ethiopia which has more of a complex presentation. All of our coffees have been hand picked for their unique sweetness in the cup . If you have any questions about coffee attributes, feel free to reach out to us to learn more.

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