Help – Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Questions

How do I get free Shipping?

Spend at least $49 on coffee sitewide, and receive free shipping on your entire order. Alternatively, you can opt for one of our Variety Packs, and receive free shipping instantly for your entire order without meeting a minimum.

When will my order ship?

Your order will typically ship within 24 business hours from when your order is placed. This timeframe will differ in the case of holidays, high order volumes, or product stock being lower than expected.

How can I track my order?

After your order is shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information within a few hours of your package being sent out. Use this tracking information online to see your expected delivery date.

Will my order arrive on time?

We can’t make guarantees based on shipments as they are dependent on shipping carrier estimates.

What carrier will my package be sent with?

Our shipping system is fully integrated with software that will select the best shipping method based on cost, carrier, and arrival date automatically.

Coffee Questions

What are the 4 Coffee Grinds?
  1. Whole Bean: when properly stored, these coffee beans maintain a peak level of freshness and flavor with every cup brewed.
  2. Fine: used for espresso coffees or quicker roasted coffees often containing slightly more flavor than when brewed with other methods.
  3. Drip: used in a traditional coffee makers, drip is a convenient option for freshly ground coffees.
  4. French Press: a special grind made for a french press allowing the coffee to brew followed by plunging it, which puts it at the bottom of the jug for your enjoyment.
How to store your coffee?

The best way to maximize the freshness of your coffee is to store your coffee in an air-tight container and only take out the beans necessary each time you brew. Freezing coffee beans can also extend the life of the beans even longer.

How many calories is in our coffee?

There is 0 calories per serving in our coffees.

How much caffeine is in a standard cup of our Coffee?

There is approximately 95mg of caffeine in an 8 ounce cup of our coffee.

Are any of our coffees Fair Trade?

All of our coffees are carefully sourced from reliable farmers and families. Organic Awakening, however, is our one official Fair Trade Organic coffee.

What is Single Origin Coffee?

Single origin coffee is grown in a single geographical location offering a unique array of flavors specific to that region.