Harvest 2023 is Here!

Harvest 2023 is Here!

The leaves are beginning to change, and the lush greens we have grown accustomed to are becoming decorated in new-found reds, yellows, and oranges. The night approaches sooner than usual, and with it comes the crisp air that fills our lungs and gives us vitality. These wonderful attestations are the signaling of something great… Harvest is here.


The Origin

This year’s Harvest took a slight departure from the familiarity of years past. We sought to try something different, something we felt matched the season just a little bit better than before.

We searched high and low for beans that would synergize with one another to forge the flavors we sought out. This landed us in three regions of the globe: Colombia, Honduras, and Guatemala.


The Colombian component lends this blend its rich, robust, yet delicate characteristics; not unlike the aromas of the crisp fall leaves that permeate its way through your nose.


The green from Honduras gives rise to the luscious mouthfeel, adding a depth that is a necessity for this one-of-a-kind sensory experience.


Lastly, rich milk chocolate flavors exuberate from the Guatemalan beans to tie this experience together to create a beautiful bouquet that pays homage to the Fall.


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