Coffee in the Time of Quarantine

Coffee in the Time of Quarantine

Hi everyone. My name is Erich, and I’m the marketing director and head of wholesale relations at Electric City Roasting Co. I’ve been working from home with a view of my neighborhood since last Monday. It’s getting trickier everyday to be able to operate with normal expectations for the world (I’m not sick, fyi), and I just wanted to reach out to some of our wholesale partners to see how they’re doing it, and how they’re doing in general (I miss you all). So this is part 1 of what is right now a 3 part series, where I’ll spotlight a different local business each day and how they’re dealing with the new guidelines and operating restrictions. I hope this sheds light on some of the positive aspects of whats coming along with the roll-out of quarantine and shelter-in-place protocols, not only in our hometowns but across the nation.

So, up first, I spoke with (remotely, of course) Lindsay Colan at the local landmark, Zummo’s Cafe.

Lindsay and I have worked closely together since I started handling her account at ECR, so it was great to speak with her and hear some of the positivity in her responses.

EH: So Lindsay, what do you miss most about normal, everyday operations?

LC: “Customers – Hearing about our regular’s days. The ins and outs that keep us busy by the hour, the smell of all the fresh baked goods and the variety of our food menu. We had to cut the offerings because we had to cut employee’s hours. We had to keep up with costs and make adjustments to cater to a lower than normal volume. So in all, I guess I miss most, all the lovely people in front of and behind the counter that make Zummo’s, Zummo’s.”

EH: So what is Zummo’s doing to navigate through this difficult time?

LC: “We are obviously doing takeout. Being that we’ve never offered this kind of service before, it’s become a lifesaver. We’re looking forward to continuing this kind of service once operations return to normal. The customers, a lot of our regulars, and even a lot of new faces, have been unbelievably supportive by placing large take-out orders, buying large gift cards to use over the next weeks and months, and sharing and spreading the word through social media. The community really is coming together to support small business, we couldn’t have imagined the outpouring of support, and we’re truly, truly thankful for them.”

EH: What message do you have for customers right now?

LC: “Thank you, sincerely.”

EH: What differences do you think we’ll see in the operation of local business at the end of quarantine and shelter-in-place?

LC: “I think we’ll see a huge boom. Seeing those customers who’ve supported us through this even more, and a greater sense of appreciation for what we have here.”

EH: So with all that being said, how can the community continue to support you through this?

LC: Social media is huge for us, sharing posts, tagging friends, liking our page and posts. Keep the word spreading. We’re offering regular and e-gift cards you can purchase through our website at Uber eats & curbside pickup are also options we’re offering. We’re still accepting catering and bakery orders. Both of those menus can be found on our website.

Things are certainly not business as usual anywhere these days, but our continued sense of community and support of one another in local business is what’s going to get us through these times. Please use the links in the article to directly support local business, thanks for reading.

Love & Peace.

Erich Hunisch
[email protected]
Director of Marketing
Wholesale Relations
Electric City Roasting Co.