Holiday 2023

Holiday 2023

Evergreens are beginning to sprout in our homes, and the nascent flames beneath our mantels are emerging to rescue us from Jack Frost’s frigid grasp. However, something else is brewing: Holiday Blend.




What is Holiday?

Holiday serves as a metaphorical transition between Fall and Winter. Despite the changes we make to Holiday each year, we always ensure that this blend embodies these three core tenets: a prevalent cocoa flavor profile, bright notes of berry jam, and a long, sweet finish. Considering that coffee is a crop, we search for new components every year to ensure that Holiday truly exudes these three aspects. This raises the question, what’s in this year’s Holiday anyway?




The Origin

This year’s blend is a harmonious fusion of two coffees: one from our close partner farm, Ayutepeque, in El Salvador, and another from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia.


Ayutepeque is a farm we work very closely with to source some of their amazing, high-quality green coffee. These farmers are no strangers to coffee, as this operation has been run by the same family since 1840. The coffee we use from this farm serves as the base of this blend, but there’s something very unique about this coffee; the green is 30% naturally processed while the remaining 70% is washed. This is precisely why we chose this coffee as the base for Holiday, as it gives the blend its cocoa-dominant flavor while adding a sweet, long finish. If you would like to read more about this farm, check it out here!


The other component of this blend is a naturally processed coffee from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. Often referred to as the original coffee growers, Ethiopian coffee farmers have a long history of producing this delicious crop that we have enjoyed for centuries. The rich, volcanic soils of the region allow for soil fertility that is rarely found elsewhere, which also aids in the coffee’s unique flavor profiles. The Sidamo we use in our Holiday blend has notes of sweet red berry jam, balanced acidity, and a floral sweetness.




Tis the Season

We hope you enjoyed learning a bit about this Blend. If you haven’t had a chance yet, pick up a bag for yourself or another coffee lover in your life! Oh, and since you made it this far, use the code: Holiday2023 to save 10% off this blend! Click here to buy now.



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