Don Mayo Las Nubes

Don Mayo Las Nubes

Don Mayo Las Nubes

Don Mayo Las Nubes – A New Take on an Old Classic

Don Mayo Las Nubes, much like its counterpart Don Mayo Los Nacientes, represents the culmination of a long-standing friendship with the wonderful Bonilla family. The Bonilla’s own and operate the Don Mayo Micro Mill in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. Through their artisan practice, they produce what we believe is the epitome of specialty coffee in Costa Rica. By employing various growing, harvesting, and processing methods on their farm, they consistently amaze us with the quality and uniqueness of their product.

What is Red Honey Processing?

You might be wondering, what’s the difference between Las Nubes and Los Nacientes? Well, first and foremost, Las Nubes is the result of what is known as red honey processing. Similar to natural processing, the coffee beans are allowed to dry while still encapsulated within the coffee cherry. However, the red honey process differs in that the outer layer of the coffee cherry is removed, leaving behind a red pulpy innard, known as the mucilage. This is where the term “red honey” originates.

One of the reasons farmers have been using this new processing method is to strike a balance between the super fruity and floral flavors of a natural processed coffee, and the cocoay, more “traditional” flavors of washed processed coffees.

One fascinating aspect of this processing method is that it originated in Costa Rica, making the Bonilla’s part of a select group of farmers who employ this technique.

Taste The Delicious Flavors

So, what does this beautiful single-origin coffee taste like? Roasted to a medium profile, Don Mayo Las Nubes allows all of its nuanced flavors to shine. You can expect notes of stone fruit, raw cane sugar, and gummy candy, all rounded out by a sweet yet delicate finish.

Experience Don Mayo Las Nubes Today

Don’t just take our word for it—experience the unique flavors and exceptional quality of Don Mayo Las Nubes for yourself. Whether you’re an individual with a refined coffee pallet or simply looking for a new favorite brew, this exquisite coffee is sure to impress. Treat yourself to a cup of Don Mayo Las Nubes and truly experience the artistry and passion that goes into every bean. Grab a bag today and see what makes Don Mayo Las Nubes truly exceptional.

Don Mayo Las Nubes

  • Don Mayo Las Nubes Coffee

    Tasting Notes: Candied, Stone Fruit, Delicate

    Don Mayo Las Nubes is the product of a long, multi decade friendship with the Bonilla family. The Bonilla’s own and operate the Don Mayo…

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