Coffee Subscription Box Launch

Coffee Subscription Box Launch

Electric City Roasting® stated on the principle of providing the best specialty coffee in NorthEast Pennsylvania region. We also committed our to providing our customers with a seamless coffee experience. Due to such high demand from customers it became clear that we needed to create a Coffee Subscription. As of January 2021, we released our Coffee Subscription Box, and we are very pleased with the feedback.

Coffee Subscription Boxes are on the Rise!

As the latest addition to our online store, coffee subscriptions help to level up your coffee drinking experience. Electric City Roasting® offers subscriptions on; whole bean, ground, drip, french press, keurig k-cup®, and steeped coffee. The benefit of signing up for the coffee subscription box is that you have the opportunity to lock in savings on every single order. It is as simple as placing one order to signup, and then you unlock unlimited savings for future renewed orders. If you decide to make adjustments or cancel your subscription order, you can do this without any penalty; making it risk free.

Click here to checkout our Subscription Page

What is a Coffee Subscription?

A coffee subscription sets up through our website that renews at your selected renewal period. This simplifies the order process for those who already are looking to purchase in a predetermined time frame.

What are the benefits?

Our coffee is prepared daily, so a coffee subscription guarantees to provide the freshest coffee every single month. In addition to this, once you place the order, it will renew every time the selected time period is passed. When you signup, you will never need to worry about having your favorite coffee on hand again. If you need any additional products, you can still place orders normally through our website. On every subscription order, you will receive 10% OFF for life.

Where can I view products that allow Subscriptions?

If you are interested in signing up for a subscription plan, feel free to checkout our page that lists out all the products you are able to get on subscription. Click Here

Exclusive Offer

Thank you for reading our blog! Please use promo code BLOGS25 at checkout for 25% OFF on your signup subscription order through Electric City Roasting®.