Zummo’s Cafe – “Pennsylvania’s Best Coffee Shop”

Zummo’s Cafe – “Pennsylvania’s Best Coffee Shop”

This is Zummo’s Cafe – Pennsylvania’s, and perhaps America’s, best coffee shop.”

This quote from Serious Eats is front and center on the new Zummo’s Blend City Roast, and describes the sentiment of many across NEPA.

Zummo's Blend

Zummo’s Blend!

Nestled among residential homes and across from an elementary school sits Zummo’s cafe, Electric City Roasting Company’s flagship coffeehouse. It was here that Mary Tellie, previous owner and founder, started her roasting company and cafe. After ten years of growth and expansion, it became evident that both the cafe and the roasting company needed to be their own separate entities to be able to reach their full potential. Mary carefully chose the new owners – Jason and Robin Berndt – to carry on the Zummo’s legacy.

Cozy Cafe

Over the last few years, Robin and Jason have made the already cozy cafe even more so. This comfortable atmosphere is what brings people in, again and again. It is a hub of community – friends catching up, casual business meetings, writers plugging away on their laptops, first dates. Keeping with the rustic industrial theme, a local contractor was hired to build the stunning “family sized” table, and Olde Good Things made all the tabletops throughout the cafe. Local art hangs throughout the cafe, and changes monthly. Currently, the art showcased is by a group of children from Little Hands Big Art – a local art class project with “Miss Lisa.” 

Since Zummo’s was Mary’s original stomping grounds (pun intended), it is the only place in the city where you can find a full brew bar – complete with the most current blends and single origins available from Electric City Roasting. Linsday Colan, General Manager, trains her staff to pull shots and pour coffees with the best expression possible. And you can always expect to find a fun and unique seasonal drink – the current seasonal latte is the classic “Snowflake,” a mix of peppermint and vanilla.

Lindsay Pouring Latte

Lindsay’s Favorite Drink: Blue Moose Every Day!

Zummo’s is especially known for their selection of house made pastries, especially the scones. (If you have not tried the bacon/egg/cheese scone yet, it is safe to say that you have not yet fully lived).

Fresh Food Every Day

Zummo’s offers a unique daily selection of quiche, salads, soups, and sandwiches. Robin and Jason are passionate about a healthy menu: “fresh food every day” is their mantra. There are multiple gluten free and vegan options available.  Catering is also available – breakfast, lunch, and baked goods for small or large groups. They even deliver (with 24 hour notice, of course)!

One of the best features of the cafe is the many displays of local products, made by local artisans. Chocolate by Nibbles and Bits, jars of honey by New Kirk Honey, herbal tea by Alice and Hamish, kombucha by Clark’s Cultures, kale chips by Nucleus Raw Foods, chickpea mustard by Kiki’s Flustered Mustard, and mugs by ScrantonMade. Some are even coffee-inspired products: purses and bags made from burlap coffee sacks from Know Hope, and lip butters and vanilla coffee scrub from the Post (both of which are infused with ECR’s Five O’Clock Shadow Blend)!

Zummo’s is one of those beloved spaces in our city that will endure for generations, and we at ECR are happy to partner with “Pennsylvania’s Best Coffee Shop!”

Robin Zummo's

Robin’s Favorite Drink: Double Cappuccino with Skim Milk!