Six Sultry Coffee and Chocolate Pairings

Six Sultry Coffee and Chocolate Pairings

Did you know that coffee and chocolate are scientifically beneficial to your health in a variety of ways?

Of course you did! Everyone knows that.

But did you know that coffee and chocolate go together like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong?

We hope so.

Here are six ways you can pair sultry chocolate and velvety coffee for your special someone, because, “that’s the way it should be, wha oooooh, yeah!”

Coffee/Chocolate Pairing #1:  Stumptown and Mast Brothers Chocolate

Stumptown Coffee Roasters teamed up with their friends at Mast Brothers Chocolate to create these stylish and delicious bars. Both companies reflect “bean to bar/cup” sourcing beliefs and practices – couldn’t be more harmonious!

Coffee/Chocolate Pairing #2: Cascara Chocolate Spread

“Cascara Chocolate” is an interesting experiment the renowned Jim Hoffman of Square Mile has been working on lately. He figured out how to make a sort of “nutella” spread, using cascara (dried coffee cherries), cocoa butter, and sugar. You can try your hand at making chocolate bars or a soft spread with his full recipe.

Coffee/Chocolate Pairing #3: RX Coffee Chocolate Bars

This one is for the healthy sweetie in your life. You can feel good about this pairing – 100% cacao, 3 egg whites, 6 almonds, 4 cashews, 2 dates, and, of course, no B.S.

Coffee/Chocolate Pairing #4: Taza Chocolate Mexican Disc

Lovingly packaged for two, Taza combines stone ground organic Mexican chocolate with Counter Culture’s direct trade coffee. One for you, one for me.

Taza Chocolate

Coffee/Chocolate Pairing #5: Terroir Chocolate Bar

This unique chocolate bar from Onyx Coffee Lab is one of our favorites. “Terrior” (the environmental conditions that affect a crop, including soil, topography, and farming practices) chocolate bars combine specialty coffee and specialty cacao grown not only in the same origin country, but in the same region! Try the Guatemalan chocolate – Caturra and Bourbon varieties from Finca la Esperanza and 69% cacao grown in the midst of lemons and honeybees!

Coffee/Chocolate Pairing #6: Breakfast in Bed –Healthy TCHO Chocolate Pancakes, served with coffee

This last pairing will take a little work, but it’s sure to please. First, put on a good ole’ pot of Joe – chef’s choice (you are the chef in this scenario). We emphatically and thematically recommend our classic Velvet Blend. Next, whip up a quick batch of somewhat healthy chocolate pancakes using TCHO’s Drinking Chocolate Crumbles (click here for the complete recipe from legendary Chef Russell Jackson). Finally, put pancakes and coffee on a pretty tray, add a flower or two, and prepare to be adored by the one you wake!