Adezzo: Savor this Moment!

Adezzo: Savor this Moment!

Adezzo: Savor this Moment!

We all love and hate Scranton, don’t we? Amidst those charming potholes and weeks-long cloud covers, it’s still our near and dear hometown.For that reason, especially in the volatile month of March, we embrace whole-heartedly places like Adezzo (pronounced like “pizza”).

Adezzo Alley Sign

Adezzo: Center of Center

It’s somewhat of a destination spot – tucked away in the center of Center Street in downtown Scranton. As soon as you enter, you feel transported to “somewhere else.” No matter what’s going on outside or in life, when you open the door to Adezzo, you breathe slower and deeper, your eyes adjust to actual eye contact again, and you can finally rest.

Adezzo = Savor this Moment!

The name is fitting to its purpose: “Adezzo” is a a mix of two Italian words – “Adesso,” meaning “in the moment,” and “Intermezzo,” a musical term meaning “a short pause or break.” The combination results in the overall theme of the cafe: “Savor this moment.”


Adezzo Community Table

Guests gather at the Community Table by Trove Co.

Adezzo Vibes

There is a French-chic rustic vibe to the cafe – exposed brick walls and gorgeous lighting fixtures throughout. The custom wooden pieces, including the espresso bar and the long community table, are locally designed by The Trove Co. All of the smaller tables are repurposed from old cast-iron Singer sewing machines. An antique upright piano sits near the side door, waiting for inspired customers to tinker a tune as they wait for their drinks. When the weather is nice, you can sit out on the patio under twinkling lights and a floral “wall.”

There is a seamless transition from the opening of Marquis Art and Frame next door to the cafe – a gallery wall of empty white frames, each intentionally placed. Salads and hot paninis are available from Zuppa del Giorno, as well as bakery items from Martha’s Country Bakery in Queens, NY.

Clever Drippers Galore!

Adezzo Mug

Hand crafted Mugs!

Adezzo is the only spot in the area with a “Clever-Dripper” Pour Over Bar. You can select a coffee from a rotating menu and watch as the barista hand pours your cup. It takes a little longer to make a cup this way, but isn’t that the point? Or, if you truly are in a hurry, you can always grab some Velvet to go from a batch brew! Adezzo also offers an impressive selection of teas from Intelligentsia – White Peony and Turmeric Tonic are a couple of our favorites!

Adezzo is always a hot spot on First Fridays in Scranton – live bands and local artists flood the scene to mingle and sip together.


Adezzo Dog Treats

Step into the Oasis

Fun and little known fact – Adezzo is pet friendly! Bring your furry friends by for a treat!

Oh, and do yourself a favor and check out the bathroom next time you visit. Trust us on this one…it’s stunning.

We highly recommend a pause in your day to step into the oasis…and savor the moment with our friends and partners at Adezzo!