Coffee, Cycling, Carbs, and Camaraderie at Strive Multisport

Coffee, Cycling, Carbs, and Camaraderie at Strive Multisport

The four “C’s” – Coffee. Cycling. Carbs. Camaraderie.

You can’t have one without the other, or the other, or the other!

At Strive Multisport in Scranton and Harvey’s Lake, the mission is “to bring a community together and inspire athletes to believe that they can achieve anything they set their minds to…” and what better route to accomplish that than around a pot of coffee!

Coffee + Cycling

The word “specialty” can align with both coffee and cycling seamlessly. Maybe that’s why so many “coffee geeks” are “cycling geeks” as well! Both get really into the gear (pun intended) – grinders and ratios and refractometers on the coffee side, and Stravaand disc brakes and carbon fiber on the cycling side. The attention to detail and the intentionality of technique characterizes the lifestyles of each.

We are proud to be the title sponsor of Lackawanna Valley Race Team, alongside StriveVeloce Bikeworks, and Sawmill Cycles.

Look for these blue kits on the road!

Coffee + Cycling + Carbs

The “cafe stop” is a cycling tradition. Mid-ride, cyclists will often stop off to fuel up on carbs (cake!) and energy (coffee!). At Strive, you can grab a cup of Velvet to get you started on your ride, or recover at the end of your ride.

A quick conveniency tip for you: Cold Label Cans fit perfectly in your bottle cage!


 Coffee + Cycling + Carbs + Camaraderie

One of the best parts of a Strive Saturday Morning Group Ride (SMR) is the gathering after – decompressing, sipping coffee, chatting about stats and upcoming races, and for the month of July – watching the Tour de France together!


We are proud to partner with Strive Multisport in all things coffee and cycling!

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