Winterfest 2023

Winterfest 2023

Today we celebrate not only the Winter Solstice but the release of our Winterfest seasonal blend! Stick around to learn a little bit more about the history of this blend.

How do we determine the taste profile?

Much like Holiday, Winterfest consists of two coffees; one from Sidamo, Ethiopia, and the other from the Ayutepeque region of El Salvador. There is one Key difference; Holiday uses a natural processed coffee from Sidamo, whereas Winterfest uses a washed coffee from the same region. The use of a washed coffee as opposed to a natural allows for Winterfest to have a beautiful taste profile that is reminiscent of a semi-sweet bar of dark chocolate, as well as giving the blend its full-bodied texture. This flavor profile best alludes to the warm, cozy feelings that we all search for in the cold winter months.

Why is Winterfest released on the Winter Solstice?

For years we have tried (and been mostly successful) to release Winterfest on the day of the Winter Solstice. Being located in the Northeast, we often have days with bitterly cold temperatures, and a sun that departs the sky far earlier than any of us would prefer. Winterfest is our way of reminding everyone (and ourselves) that today is when we will begin to see longer days.

Grab a bag today!

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